SQLBase 11.5 Connection fails - Incorrect version of library

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SQLBase 11.5 Connection fails - Incorrect version of library

Postby michip14 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:59 pm

First of all, please be nice, its my first post here (and the same in SqlBase 11.5), my english is not perfect and I'm Gupta/Td beginner.

When I run a test program,

On SAM_Click
Set SqlUser = df1
Set SqlPassword = df2
Set SqlDatabase = 'island'
If SqlConnect( hSql )
Call SalMessageBox( "verbunden", "oK", MB_IconInformation| MB_Ok )
Call SalCreateWindow( frm1, hWndNULL )
Call SalEndDialog( dlg1, 0 )
Call SalMessageBox( "keine Verbindung", "oK", MB_IconStop | MB_Ok )

I get "Incorrect version of library"

I use Team Developer 5.1 SP6 and SqlBase11.5 (because if the test - program is working, I'll work with Unicode)

I think the error is because of sqlwntm.dll and sqlbapw.dll, in directory "C:\Programme\Unify\SqlBase115", the version of these dlls is 11.5 and in "C:\Centura" only 10.1,
but when i copy sqlbapw.dll and sqlwntm.dll with version 11.5 to "C:\Centura", and i try to start Team Developer (also an empty programm), i get this error: ' The ordinal 247 was not found in the DLL "SQLWNTM.dll" ' (original: "Die Ordnungszahl 247 wurde in der DLL "SQLWNTM.dll" nicht gefunden")

Furthermore, in this forum, I've read, that Td 5.1'll only work if sqlwntm.dll and sqlbapw.dll be version 10.

Please help me!

Thank you very much,

please excuse my spelling mistakes
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