Best practice: sqlbase with .net?

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Best practice: sqlbase with .net?

Postby d_angerland » Mon May 09, 2016 1:09 am


i need some advice from more experienced sqlBase .net developer.
What is the best practice to use connections and command?

sql-server has a connection pool. The pool is automatic created and managed by the provider.
Best practice is to open a connection and then close it after use (with using statement). However somewhere i've read that connection pooling is not officially tested in the sqlBase provider and i should not use it. Instead i should create a connection and keep it open for the whole application lifetime. Is this (still) true with sqlbase 12?

Similar to connection. Normally i would create the command when needed and dispose it after use. But i discovered heavy performance problems with this approach. So i initialize my commands at first use and do not dispose them. The drawback is higher memory usage and problems with multiThreading (when two threads try to use the same command the command fails). Does anybody have a better approach?

Thanks in advance

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