Configuring Application with Centura 4.2

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Configuring Application with Centura 4.2

Postby kumarravik » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:48 am

Hi ,

I am currently using Team Developer 4.2(Centura 4.2). I need to use an application that connects me with My database (Oracle 10g). whenever tried to logging in, it throws an error "can't open the database" error (401). I need to know that if I need to change any setting like if need to specify the application name or database path in team developer directory to use my application. I have attached a screen-shot of the error message. Greatly appreciate the help you can provide to resolve this issue.
please let me know, if any other details required

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Re: Configuring Application with Centura 4.2

Postby Jeff Luther » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:28 pm

I would guess that you have not edited TD's SQL.INI file to enable connections to Oracle, and add remotedbname= entries for the Oracle DBs you want to connect to.

TD v4.2 shipped with a series of PDF books, including one called CCOD.PDF that has information for how to configure the INI for the DB brands then supported. Look in there for the Oracle info.

Very briefly, these sections (I'll put in bold) need to changed or added to:
; order of win32client dll's is important when connecting to multiple databases.
; sqlws32 should always be the last and sqlodb32 be 2nd last.
; Jeff comment - sqlora32 just below must be uncommented -- remove the ';' char
; for sybase
; at least sqlws32 must be uncommented and be listed last; if you connect to MS SQL Server, then sqlodb32 must be uncommented and 2nd to last

; Jeff comment -- here is where you list the Oracle DBs you want to connect to, like our oracle10g DB
Jeff Luther

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