Connectivity issue with Oracle 8i and Centura 2.1 dev tool

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Connectivity issue with Oracle 8i and Centura 2.1 dev tool

Postby saravanan » Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:40 am

Hi I have centura 2.1 in local machine and oracle 8i installed in local machine itself.

i want to connect to oracle database from centura through sql router for oracle. Problem i am facing is the parameters i have to give in sql.ini file and the oracle side (TNSNAMES.ORA). Also i need to know step by step of what i have to deal with windows registry for oracle section and centura section.

i am not able to connect to oracle due to some parameters missing. i am using oracle sql* Plus in oracle side connectivity.

some body help me how to configure the ini files so that i can access the database through centura dev tool in application developent time.

attached here with the sql.ini file whch is not hlping me in parameter setting. let me know any change in need to do in this parameter for oracle local machine connect and oracle server ( the one which will point out the development server )

servername=XXXXXXX(how the naming convention shd be)
dbname= database name i need to specify (how the naming convention shd be)








what is the point i need to take care of while mapping centura to oracle database
your replies will be appreciated heartfully.. thanks in advance from a guy who is struggling to configure
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Re: Connectivity issue with Oracle 8i and Centura 2.1 dev tool

Postby FRBhote » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:31 am

You don't need the [dbnt1sv] sectin at all - that is only for sqlbase. You can knock off the whole section if you want.

Your sql.ini looks fine. Try connecting with sqltalk.exe an let us know the error that you get?

Have you tried the Connectivity Administrator?
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Re: Connectivity issue with Oracle 8i and Centura 2.1 dev tool

Postby MichaelD » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:18 pm

The centura 2.1 runtime deploys an oracle dll (something like oci.dll or ociw32.dll, not 100% sure on the name). If there is one in your centura runtime folder, rename it to something else or move it out of the folder, as it most likely clashing with the Oracle 8i client.

I would also recommend that you are on at least PTF2, due to a number of issues fixed in the Oracle router.

Defect Id: 73565
Defect Description: When using ODBC syntax to call an Oracle stored procedure fails on the SqlExecute. If using Oracle's OLE DB Provider an error ORA-06550 occurs. Microsoft's Oracle OLE DB Provider, returns a error 0.

Defect Id: 76116 (SQLRouter – Oracle)
Defect Description: sqlora32.dll from PTF1 results into a GPF when there's a row of SELECT statements.

Defect Id: 76476 (SQLRouter – Oracle)
Defect Description: Can only fetch back 2000 characters from a VARCHAR2 column in Oracle.
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