connectivity for Windows Server 2003

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connectivity for Windows Server 2003

Postby rogeryeoh » Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:27 am

I have a customer with this system configuration :
Backend PC running MS Windows Server 2003.
Front-end PC running MS Windows XP connected via TCP/IP to back-end.

Objective :
Front-end PC will be running my applications built on TD 4.2 and SQLBase 9.0.1 (or 11.5).
Back-end PC should be able to access certain report EXEs (also from 4.2) using QRPs, all stored on front-end PC.
No EXEs are to be installed into back-end PC.

My application structure :
1 Main menu exe file doing lots of SalLoadApps on front-end PC.

Question :
1) For the back-end PC, since I am not allowed to install any EXEs, can it be set up to run the same main menu exe on the front-end PC?
2) Will I need need to install the deployment files on the back-end PC for (1) to work?
3) If (1) is possible, what kind of setup (sql.ini, etc) would I need to perform?

Thanks and regards

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