InstantShare Is driving me nuts. Need help.

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InstantShare Is driving me nuts. Need help.

Postby MZacc » Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:39 am

I am having a problem when booting up.
Thus far I am inclined to believe that I have a problem with my HP Printer. Maybe.
Ikeep getting Error 1706, then Error 1316.A
I don't like going into regedit, but I did and I found CBi51.exe.
Should this be deleted? I haven't a clue. I get nervous when in the register.
I was going to uninstall my HP and see if the error persists.
Can you offer some advise (that I can understand since I am lost regarding these problems).
Another learning process is always a good thing.

PLease help, I'm at wits end.

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