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Installation of SqlBase 12 on client

PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:33 am
by chrisocm
Hi All,

Today, I installed Sqlbase 12 on a server to run my app. No problem running my app on the server but when I try installing on client's pc, there was problem connecting to the database and thus can't run my app. Can ping the server from the client's pc. Below is the client's pc Sql.ini

; On 11.7 and above, if the CLIENTNAME is not specified, the computername
; will be displayed on the server. Also, the CLIENTNAME is not limited to 12 characters.

; The transports option overrides the [win32client.dll] section.
; Possible values for transports are
; npipe,tcpv4,tcpv6,apipe
;clientruntimedir=C:\Program Files\Gupta\SQLBase 12.0\
; The [win32client.dll] used to have a list of communication .dll's
; to use for communication. Communication .dll's have been removed.
; This section is read and interpreted to be backwards compatibible.
; The transports parameter now supersedes it.




Check the environment PATH, no problem. Hope someone could enlighten me on what to do...

Thank you in advance.

Re: Installation of SqlBase 12 on client

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:49 pm
by mvandine
Hi Chris,

First of all, you probably should have posted this in the SQLBase forum.


Can you please post your sql.ini file from the server?
What is the front-end? TD?

You may actually be running into a know issue that's been fixed. Try this:


I've seen instances where the parsing of the first database isn't recognized and a dummy database as the first one gets around the problem.

Best regards,