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TD 6.2 00401 DBA COD Cannot open database

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 4:06 am
by MittelBerlin
Cannot connect to SQL Server via sqlodb32 / odbcrtr.
Every try with SQLTalk 10.0.0.ptf1 (Gupta-TD-Installation-Dir) or SQLTalk 11.6.2 (Subdir sqlbase) results with "Error 00401 DBA COD Cannot open database "
This error comes so quick, it seems not to search the network.
Trying Database Explorer it show NOT the defined datasource in SQL.INI but entries from Windows ODBC32-Manager. Every try to connect to a database under 'Microsoft SQL Server' or 'ODBC' results in errors. "cannot open database"
Entry log=file.sql [win32client.odb32] generates some log-lines when Database Explorer starts: first all defined Sources,then this
5/30/15 12:53:00 1> [connect] dbname = SQLODB32 username =
5/30/15 12:53:00 1> [get database names]
5/30/15 12:53:00 1> [disconnect]
Entry odbctracefile=d:\temp\rtr_sql.log in [odbcrtr] has no effect at all.
I have tried all tricks (run as Admin, search all SQL.INI, changing PATH), same SQL.INI works for TD 1.5
Using Windows 7 64bit.
No ideas anymore, have to put TD to trash can.

Re: TD 6.2 00401 DBA COD Cannot open database

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:49 pm
by MittelBerlin
solution found: order of comdll-entries in SQL.INI matters
documented at "Connecting SQLWindows Objects to Databases", chapter 1, page 1-6 , 'Connect search order'