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Second connection to SQL Server 2008 slow

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:17 pm
by Andre Sperling

I using a "SQL Server 2008" runing on a "Windows Server 2008 Standard" operating system.

If I connect the first time to the SQL-Server with SQL-Talk using a ODBC-Connection the connection is fast. Also the following SELECT statements are fast. But if I made a disconnect and after that a connect. Then the connection is more then 10 time slower. The only what helps is to close SQLTalk and start again.

If i using a other Machine to connect to this Server, i do not have this problems.
I have also the same configuration on a other Plant, there I also do not have this Problems. So i believe that there is a Problem in the Windows setup on this particular computer. Because all other Setting are the same in compare to the other Plant (ODBC-Driver, ODBC-Settings, SQL.INI settings, Unify drivers).
I do not believe there is a Problem with the SQL-Sever, because other computer can connect without Problems. All computer use the same login to the SQL-Server.

Does anybody have an idea, where the problem is?
(you can answer in german or english)

Thanks and best regards