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field value is randomly null after windows update

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:07 am
by eprobst
I have an application with TD 5.1 SP3 build 6849 which has been running for some years now. For some time I have now a mysterious behaviour:
A data field contains a value, but when referencing this data field in the code, the value is null.
I came across this via validate functions which gave the message "You need to enter a value in Field xxx" while I had perfectly well entered a value in there. Clicking again in the field (without retyping the value) sometimes solved this, sometimes I retyped the value, sometimes I clicked into another field. Please note: the code there has not been changed in years!!!
This cannot be reproduced, it happens rather seldom.
I had now a problem where data was not saved to the database because of this. (There was no null-validate there because the program always sets a value there....
This started when I installed some Windows updates in July 2010 (last Windows update before that was Nov. 2009).
Has somebody else experienced this? Or has an idea what could be the cause?
Regards, Elke