Memory leak with SalNumberPower

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Memory leak with SalNumberPower

Postby Kitchman » Thu May 20, 2010 7:11 am


Just try this code :

Code: Select all
Set i =1
While i <= 1000000
   Set power = SalNumberPower( 10, 10 )
   Set i = i + 1

With TD 5.1 PTF 6 ==> I loose 31 Mo in task manager....

With TD 4.1 PTF 2 ==> I loose 0 Mo !!!!

I try with MSVCRT.DLL functions pow(), ceil() and floor() : it's the same thing !

And with SalNumberTruncate() instead SalNumberPower(), it's the same one !

What can I do ?

NB : I try with other Sal functions, it's the same thing !!! :evil:
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Re: Memory leak with SalNumberPower

Postby Jeff Luther » Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:41 pm

We need a test case, we need some details about:
I try with other Sal functions, it's the same thing

what other functions?

BTW, there has been discussion in development between the idea of "memory leak" vs. "memory usage". In general, if the app. uses memory and when exited, that memory usage is removed, this is 'usage' and not a 'leak.'

Thus, be sure to run your test with the SalNumber function with Win. Task Mgr. running to see how memory is behaving.
Jeff Luther

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