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Logging a bug

Postby caa » Mon Oct 22, 2007 3:25 pm

Since we're seeing quite a few bug reports in this forum, I've included the instructions that we posted in the Bug Report forum below.

This forum is meant for bug reports from customers regarding products. We have some very simple rules for its use:

  • Give us all the information. We need information to log and resolve bugs. Platform details, exact versions, whether or not you have any patches applied, company name, email address where we can contact you, stack traces, and most importantly small repro cases. Don't assume that anyone else has provided this information.

    Don't assume that your description is so obvious that a repro case isn't required. We want to make sure that we're fixing your bug, so get us a repro case. Make your repro cases as small as possible. The less extraneous information that we have to wade through, the more likely we can find and resolve the problem.
  • If you have support, log your case through support. We review and work on bugs by priority, and one factor in determining priority is whether or not you have a current support contract. If you have one, use your normal channels for logging bugs. This forum is meant for unsupported customers.
  • Repro Cases can be submitted either as an attachment to your post in these forums or via our ftp site. The url is ftp://ftp.guptatechnologies.com/incoming

    You won't be able to see the uploaded repro case once you've sent it to us, but make sure that you list the exact filename that you sent us, as well as the date/time that you sent it.
At the minimum, we need to know:

Contact Details:
OS Version:
Product Version:
Short Description:
Stack traces?
Third party software?
Repro Case!

We may ask for more once we start looking at the problem.

If you have any questions regarding the use of these forums, please send a message to the support id. We'll answer your questions, and make sure that an FAQ is updated for others.

Thank you for submitting your bug report! Product quality is our first priority, and we appreciate your working with us directly to help our product improve.

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