When using .dll extension: "cannot load" compile error

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When using .dll extension: "cannot load" compile error

Postby Dave Rabelink » Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:00 am

I have a strange but very annoying issue with TD5.1 (on any SP installed).

For most external function declarations, I have to omit the .dll extension to be able to compile.

See screenshot:


I have this on all my systems.
The PATH to the TD installation folder is set (no other TD installations on the system).
Also the PATH in the preferences.

I see this only on TD 5.1, all other TD versions (older and newer) do compile the same source.

Here a quote from the TD documentation:

Note: The name of a DLL file does not have to have a *.DLL extension (such as USER32.DLL
and GDI32.DLL).

Here a quote from the MSDN documentation on LoadLibrary:

If no file name extension is specified in the lpFileName parameter, the default library extension .dll is appended.

So, does anyone have seen this? Any clue on what might be the cause and a possible solution?
Right now, I have to change all TD libraries and remove the .dll extensions to be able to use them.

I attach the file which does not compile on TD5.1.


Seen on Win7 64 bit OS.
Unfortunately I do not have any XP system available, so it is unclear if this issue exists also on XP or not.
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Dave Rabelink

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