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Unify DataServer is a powerful enterprise data management system for mission-critical, transactional applications. Companies choose DataServer for its high-performance, ease-of-use, and minimal maintenance and memory requirements.

Newly released version of DataServer® 9.0 offers many enhancements including:

  • Industry standard Outer Join functionality for SQL, ODBC and JDBC connectivity
  • Improved multi-threading performance using the latest state-of-the-art shared memory and multi-processor libraries.
  • New utility named “udbqls” to display all database queries currently running along with all of the metrics for each query.
  • Enhanced XML support for import and export of data using XML data structures.
  • Improved DBIntegrator support for Crystal Reports 9, 10, 11 &
    Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Unicode language support
  • ODBC/JDBC (DBIntegrator) bundled.
  • Support for all the latest hardware and software operating systems as well as ACCELL/SQL/Web for current releases of Oracle, Sybase, and Informix

DataServer features the performance and scalability that allows applications to grow as your business needs and requirements change.

It's Time to Migrate!
DataServer 9.0 allows seamless upgrades for DataServer ELS (RDBMS) applications to take advantage of the enterprise features of DataServer. HLI and ACCELL/IDS applications easily migrate to DataServer with little, if any, modifications and automatically capitalize on improvements in record locking and transaction control.

Many Unify customers who had enterprise requirements, have already upgraded from DataServer ELS to DataServer and are now enjoying the benefits of a standard SQL language and improved record locking and transaction control. With the release of version 9.0, there is no better time to migrate to improve performance and/or Web-enable your database driven application.

DataServer Training:

Unify offers 2 training courses for DataServer based on varying degrees of expertise. Please click on links below to view more details.

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